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Missed the amazingly resilient Neko Coin? Already a holder and you want to improve your position? You’ve come to the right place! Baby Necko Coin is the junior version inspired by the phenomenal Neko Coin. Low tax! 100% Safe! We offer marvelous rewards in Neko Coins which you will receive by simply holding on to your investments! Whether you want a new chance to catch a trip to the moon or if you just want to make your Neko Coin portfolio even more lucrative, this is the project for you!

We are a low cap token, with contract verified in BSC. We created something simple, that the token holders can hold on the as a store of value.

Our mission is to help make people's everyday lives better by holding our token.

We hope to create a community of like minded individuals, to join hands and grow together to acquire new riches waiting for us in the future.

Join our community to promote this hidden gem. Earn reflections by holding on and telling your friends and family about this coin. We don't wish to be priced on hype, but rather based on the merits and achievements of this token in its project lifespan.



BABYNEKOS Tokenomics

Contract Verified on BSCScan
Smart contract can never be modified after launch
Initial liquidity burnt and locked forever - LP BURNT LINK 
Maximum 2% transaction and 2% wallet at launch, limits lifted after launch
Contract renounced - Renounce Link



2% rewards in NEKOS, CA: 0x43ce64A4FBa3c30C0164E935B0095862a67dc0c9 

Marketing Wallet

There is no tax for marketing wallet


There is no tax for LP


Fair launched on 20th May 2022, this new project with transparent developer & team is an invisible gem waiting to moon. We hope you can do your part in making this token continuously trending.


Initial Launch

500-1,000 holders
2,000 Telegram members
Grow Social Media Presence (Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube)
Grow community awareness & support


Project Planning

10,000 Telegram members
20,000 holders
Website redesign
Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Marketing campaigs


Real Use Case

Establish Community forum
Voting Governance Model
Charity Partnerships
Fundraising Mechanics

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